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                                                           ~Industries Served~ 

-Hydraulic fittings-

D&G manufactures precision machined products for applications involving fluid power, fluid transfer, system integration, & custom fittings.   


                                                                                    Manufacturing Aerospace products requires processes that can demonstrate the highest manufacturing quality, extremely high machine reliability & superior documentation. D&G realizes the time & quality sensitivity when dealing with aerospace parts, and insure the customers requirements are met.   


D&G Manufactures a variety of Shafts and housings for a number of commercial, turbine, & Hydraulic pump industries. Providing our customers with parts ready for their assembly lines.

-Electric Motors-

                                                                                               D&G provides components for precision AC & DC motors. From main shafts with .0002” tolerances to complete precision aluminum housings.


Providing Yokes & Drive shaft ends for customer production lines, D&G utilizes flexible just in time delivery.This helps keep our customers inventories lower, and provides a flexiable option for our customers needs in production.


                                                                                         Providing a variety of engine components, D&G works with its customers needs in developing new technology. Providing Proto-type, to full scale production runs. We are able to develop processes to meet our customers demanding production needs and requirements.

                                                       ~Resources & Services~


D&G is committed to giving our customers a one stop shop for all their precision part needs. Working within our organization to handle parts from start to finish. Using our strong relationships & our in-house capabilities D&G brings our customers a complete source for there part needs.


D&G offers a wide variety of services from high-production CNC machining, blanking, proto-typing, or your small run needs. Utilizing our turning & milling machines our highly skilled machinists make quick work of your parts, holding the tightest of tolerances of (.0002”). Using our in-house capabilities of custom tool design, we are able to cut lead times down by weeks.

                      ~Heat treating~

·Solution Annealing and Age hardening
of most cast aluminium Alloys

·Austempering or Marquenching

·Carburizing & Carbonitriding

·Cryo-Treating or Deep Freezing

·Flame Hardening

·Gas Nitriding

·Hardening of Steel

·Annealing, Normalizing, & Stress Relieving

·Vacuum Processing

·Induction heat treating

·Neutral Hardening

·Carbon Restoration



·Modified Marquenching

·Water Quenching


·Vacuum Carburizing

·Bright Annealing

·Ferritic Nitrocarburizing (Quiktride)


·Black Oxide

·Electro polish

·Titanium Cleaning

·Oxygen Service Cleaning

·Ultrasonic Cleaning

·Phosphate ZN & Mn

·Vapor Degreasing

·Chem film


·Conversion Coating

·Glass bead

·Sand Blasting




·Dry film lubricants
Mil-Spec Prime / Paint


·Resin coating

·Power coating


·Crown Hobbing

·Spur Hobbing

·Helical Hobbing




·Spline Includes tapered, involute,
straight-sided and serration type spline shafts,       
and jump spline shafts.

                 ~Centerless grinding~

·Bar Grinding

·Thrufeed Grinding

·Infeed Grinding

·Collet Grinding

            ~Between center grinding~


·.100” Ø x .500” long

·6.0” Ø x 24.0” long



     Military Specifications: Mil-8625        

·Chromic Acid

·Sulfuric Acid

·Sulfuric Acid Hardcoat

       A.S.T.M specifications: B-580


·Architectural Class 1

·Architectural Class 2

·Automotive Exterior

·Interior Moderate

·Interior Limited

·Chromic Acid

        ~Proto-type manufacturing~

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    ~High production manufacturing~

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